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Become Younger | May 23, 2018 | Site version: Man / Woman

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10 surprising foods to boost sex drive and increase libido

10 surprising foods to boost sex drive and increase libido

Being married for over twenty years taught me everything I needed to know about sex. My ex-wife was a total animal in the sack. She was the instigator and I was, well you could say her submissive slave.  We never had problems setting the mood because she always knew her way around. There were instances though when I wasn’t up for sex especially at times when I couldn’t keep my mind off work but her incredibly sexy black laced lingerie always did the trick. We had an overabundance of teenage hormones trapped in our old sagging bodies and this kept us going for years. Her sexual appetite was so contagious that sex had become a part of our daily routine.

Sadly, our hyperactive sex life didn’t contribute much to our dying marriage. There were issues here and there that couldn’t be solved by steamy sack sessions. So eventually we got tired of trying and just called it quits. When we broke up everything changed and I realized that my libido depended largely on her.

When we went our separate ways I discovered a few not-so-amazing things about myself. Sex became the least of my priorities and because I was so preoccupied with work I hardly had the chance to even think about it. All the energy I had left at the end of the day was spent on a 30-minute jog around the village. Boring, I know but I have come to enjoy this monotony for months.

I wasn’t bothered by this sudden change of lifestyle because obviously I didn’t have a partner to exhaust all my excess energies to. It was only recently when I started getting troubled about my quiescent libido. This woman I’ve been seeing lately is the total opposite of my wife. She was demure, reserved and polite the only thing that drew me to her was her exceptionally pretty face. A few days ago she was blatantly dropping hints about having sex. Last night she wore a skimpy skirt and a snug top but I just couldn’t get in the mood.  I just couldn’t get my libido going.

As days went by I became more and more disturbed with my libido and so I did my own research. I came across several good reads about natural foods that can help boost my sex life so I jotted it all down and thought of sharing it to all middle aged men out there like me who have lost their mojo and have been having trouble with their sex drive.

  1. OYSTERS – Oysters are the number one in my list (even though this list is actually unordered). This love drug ensconced in a hard shell can actually improve the dopamine levels in your body and as a result, it boosts your libido both in men and in women. Aside from that oysters are rich in zinc. Zinc plays a vital role in forming healthy sperm and in the production of testosterone.
  2. AVOCADOS  – If you’re a lover of fruits then you’d be happy to know that the ‘unique’ avocados can also help with your sex drive.  They contain high levels of folic acid, which can really help to metabolize proteins, resulting in more energy. They also contain potassium and vitamin B6 (a nutrient that increases male hormone production) and increase libido.  You may be surprised to hear that The Aztecs called the avocado tree “ahuacatl,” or “testicle tree.”
  3. ASPARAGUS – The next time you go into a restaurant for dinner make sure that you order asparagus soup first before your main course and if you’re out on a date have her order the same thing. Asparagus is rich in Vitamin B and this vitamin helps your body produce histamine. Histamine is essential for a healthy sex drive for both men and women. There are tons of asparagus recipes online or you could opt to purchase a recipe book if you’re not a fan of soups.  Asparagus can also make your urine a little smelly, so maybe avoid if you are inot ‘watersports’ haha.
  4. CHOCOLATE – Now’s a good time for you to sink your teeth into a bar of chocolate without feeling guilty about it because this mouth-watering God-given heaven is packed with antioxidants and it contains a chemical known as phenylethylamine that brings out a sense of well-being. A survey also showed that women who had a piece of chocolate in a day had a more active sex life than those who didn’t. Dark chocolate is key here, not the milky stuff you can eat all day long.
  5. PUMPKIN SEEDS – Pumpkins seeds are also rich in zinc just like oysters. It’s also jam-packed with libido enhancing vitamins such as vitamin B, C, K, D and E. Pumpkin seeds are also loaded with minerals such as potassium, phosphorous, niacin and calcium. So when your girlfriend asks if you’d like to have some pumpkin soup, ask her to roast the seeds! You guys will definitely go a long way from there.
  6. WATERMELON – I guess now is the time for you to slice that long overdue watermelon in your fridge because studies have shown that watermelons are now being compared to Viagra. It seems that this fruit contains citrulline, the amino acid that helps increase your sex drive.
  7. BANANAS – Banana pancakes for breakfast not only jumpstarts your day it also jumpstarts your libido without you even knowing it. Bananas can actually help boost your libido because of the enzyme bromelain present in it. Bananas are also rich in vitamin B.
  8. ALMONDS – Almonds just like oysters and pumpkin seeds contain zinc that will help boost your sex drive. It’s also a great source of magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, vitamin E and protein.
  9. STRAWBERRIES – Strawberries are not only extremely tasty, but also rich in fiber, which helps blood flow, and vitamin C which can keeps erections strong by fighting free radicals. The beauty of strawberries is tha they are also know to be a romantic fruit and compliment chocolate and champagne perfectly.  Why not get some in!
  10. GOJI BERRIES – Apparently these berries are known as a strong sexual toni in Asia, and they can increase testosterone levels, which stimulates libido in both men and women.  Interesting.

So the next time your girlfriend/wife/partner decides to come over offer to make dinner. Use all the ingredients you’ve learned here and cook up something nice for her. Both your appetite (sexual included) will be satisfied and you may have a long exciting night ahead of you.

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